Ready To Count Your Drinks? Get Reframe!

Do you think you might have a problematic relationship with alcohol? If so, a great first step is to simply count the number of drinks you have. This will give you an idea of how much alcohol you’re consuming each day and week. The Reframe app can help you meet or exceed whatever goals you want to set for your drinking.

Why Is It Important To Count My Drinks?

Not only does the alcohol have effects, but the calories do, too. Counting drinks helps you track your overall health and wellness by knowing what kinds of calories you’re ingesting, especially carbohydrates, which can be stored as fat and lead to weight gain. Another important reason to track your drinks is because each drink costs money! As the calories and the dollars add up, by the end of each month, you may be gaining more weight and losing more cash than you had realized. Take advantage of Reframe’s drink and day counters as part of your personal wellness plan.

How Much Alcohol Is Safe To Drink?

The National Institutes of Health recommend limiting drinks to 2 per day for men or 1 per day for women. More than 14 per week for men or 7 per week for women is problematic and can lead to serious health issues in the long run. Also, having 5 or more drinks in a single occasion (men) or 4 or more drinks (women) counts as binge drinking, according to the Centers for Disease Control. If this sounds like your drinking patterns, it’s time to start counting your drinks. Downloading the Reframe app is a great way to get started!

Is Tracking My Drinks Really Worth the Effort?

We think so! Sure, it might feel like a hassle at first to pull out your phone and log the drinks when you have them. However, this keeps you accountable and helps you pay attention to how many you’re having. The goal isn’t to make you feel bad about drinking, but rather to make you more mindful as a starting point for reevaluating your relationship with alcohol. Over the first few days and weeks, you’ll start to see a pattern, which Reframe will help you interpret and translate into a concrete action plan for moving forward. Start today — download Reframe!

Real Results

Reframe provides a simple, structured approach to help you drink mindfully. 91% of Reframe users noted a substantial decrease in their alcohol use within 3 months.

How It Works

Whether your goal is 30 days without alcohol, or you're just trying to cut back, Reframe has a customized solution for you.

How It Works

Whether your goal is 30 days without alcohol, or just trying to cut back, Reframe has a customized solution that helps you achieve your personal goals.

Personalized Daily Activities

Take a step towards mindful drinking every day!

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Stay accountable day-by-day and keep track of your progress over time.

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