Drinking Too Much?
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Are you concerned that you’re drinking too much? Signs can include hangovers, too much money spent on alcohol, and too many days or nights away from your highest priorities. If you’re feeling stuck in a cycle of over-drinking, then you’ve come to the right place. Reframe is the #1-rated alcohol reduction app — download it today!

How Much Is Too Much?

The National Institutes of Health recommend limiting drinks to 2 per day for men or 1 per day for women. More than 14 per week for men or 7 per week for women is problematic and can lead to serious health issues in the long run. Also, having 5 or more drinks in a single occasion (for men) or 4 or more drinks (for women) counts as binge drinking, according to the Centers for Disease Control. If this sounds like your drinking habits, it’s time to reevaluate your relationship with alcohol. Downloading the Reframe app is a great way to get started!

Why Am I Drinking Too Much?

People drink for a wide variety of reasons, ranging from social engagement to isolation, occasional consumption to high-risk binging, and even from trauma to self-medication for any number of emotions or other issues. Your reasons for drinking are as unique as you are. Let Reframe help you take a thorough self-assessment to get to the root of your drinking history.

How Can Reframe Help Me Stop Drinking Too Much?

It may not seem like an app could be a solution, but you’ll be surprised at how effective Reframe’s platform is in reducing your drinking. From drink trackers to calories and dollars saved, our app gives you all the stats you need to assess your drinking and celebrate your wins. Our 24/7 Forum community is always available for open and honest conversations about whatever is on your mind, and our meeting leaders are ready to help you on daily Zoom calls. Our licensed coaches are also available to give you private one-on-one support. Get started with Reframe today!

Real Results

Reframe provides a simple, structured approach to help you drink mindfully. 91% of Reframe users noted a substantial decrease in their alcohol use within 3 months.

How It Works

Whether your goal is 30 days without alcohol, or you're just trying to cut back, Reframe has a customized solution for you.

How It Works

Whether your goal is 30 days without alcohol, or just trying to cut back, Reframe has a customized solution that helps you achieve your personal goals.

Personalized Daily Activities

Take a step towards mindful drinking every day!

Personalized Drink Tracker

Stay accountable day-by-day and keep track of your progress over time.

24/7 Community

Connect with an active and vibrant community to get to know others on a similar journey.

Self-Guided Toolkit

Use our toolkit to browse guided meditations, quizzes, affirmations, and a special feature to support you through cravings.