Want To Track Calories in Beer? Download Reframe!

Do you have a feeling that you’re drinking more beer calories than you’d like to admit? It’s time to start tracking your beer intake with Reframe’s proven alcohol reduction app! Keeping track will hold you accountable to the number of drinks you’ve had. You’ll be in great shape to make a plan to change your intake. Reframe helps with that planning process, too! Download the app today!

Why Should I Track My Beer Calories?

Calories in beer are “empty” calories, meaning alcohol is devoid of vitamins and minerals. Your body prioritizes processing the alcohol, and this means the remaining carbs in your beer are stored as fat. That’s why it’s so easy to see a “beer belly” start to develop if we’re not mindful of how much we drink and we don’t exercise or eat a balanced diet. Tracking your beer calories is a great first step towards living your healthiest, happiest life. Download Reframe to begin now!

Does Beer Really Have That Many Calories?

An average 12 oz. serving of regular beer has about 150 calories, and light beer comes in at around 100. So think about a typical week: if you have 2-3 drinks per day, that’s roughly an extra day’s worth of calories you’re ingesting just from drinking beer! It’s easy to see why over a long period of time, we can notice our waistline increasing. Instead of continuing the trend in that direction, why not download Reframe and get started with tracking today?

How Can Reframe Help Me Track My Beer Calories?

Inside our #1-rated alcohol reduction app, you’ll find a drink tracker that also keeps tabs of the calories you’ve saved by drinking less (and the dollars you’ve saved, too!). Armed with this information, you can make an action plan for drinking less with Reframe’s help. You’ll also have access to a 24/7 Forum for chatting with other people like you, one-on-one meetings with our licensed coaches, and our daily Zoom meetings for sharing and mutual encouragement. What are you waiting for? It’s time to get started! Download Reframe today!

Real Results

Reframe provides a simple, structured approach to help you drink mindfully. 91% of Reframe users noted a substantial decrease in their alcohol use within 3 months.

How It Works

Whether your goal is 30 days without alcohol, or you're just trying to cut back, Reframe has a customized solution for you.

How It Works

Whether your goal is 30 days without alcohol, or just trying to cut back, Reframe has a customized solution that helps you achieve your personal goals.

Personalized Daily Activities

Take a step towards mindful drinking every day!

Personalized Drink Tracker

Stay accountable day-by-day and keep track of your progress over time.

24/7 Community

Connect with an active and vibrant community to get to know others on a similar journey.

Self-Guided Toolkit

Use our toolkit to browse guided meditations, quizzes, affirmations, and a special feature to support you through cravings.