Reframe Your Drinking Habits With the Dryish January Challenge!

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Drinks eliminated each year
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Let Reframe Help You Have a Successful Dryish January
💪 Health benefits 😴
Better skin
Improved sleep quality
Weight loss
Better overall health
🧠 Mental health benefits 💁🏽
Less stress
Better cognitive function
Improved concentration
💸 Money savings 💰
No more bar tabs
Nix expensive bottles
Lower restaurant bills
Fewer impulse buys
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How Dryish January Works With Reframe
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How Can Reframe Help You? 
Neuroscience-backed habit changing program
Personalized drink tracking
Mindfulness and meditation activities
World’s largest online cutback community
In-depth courses and challenges
Comprehensive toolkit to beat cravings
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Real-Life Testimonials by Reframe Users
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Benefits of Using Reframe for Just 90 Days
Shift in your drinking patterns
Better sleep quality
Clearer skin
Better overall health
Weight loss
Improvement in mood
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Why Reframe Is the Best Solution for Your Dryish January!
Daily neuroscience-based lessons
Drink tracking and goal-setting
24/7 support from a vibrant global community
Research-backed toolkits to help with cravings
Health insights and scientific resources
Emotional wellness support and analysis
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Proven Results from 3M Reframers
Noted a substantial decrease in alcohol use within 3 months
 Reported improvements in mental and physical health
Lost weight
Felt less shame around drinking
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Frequently Asked Questions
1. What is Dryish January?
Dryish January is a flexible version of the traditional Dry January challenge. Instead of cutting alcohol out completely for the entire 31 days, participants choose a target that fits their lifestyle and health goals, such as cutting back or going alcohol-free for a certain number of days.
2. What is Dry January?
The Dry January challenge was originally started in the UK as a way to help people reset their relationship with alcohol after the holidays. It begins on January 1st and ends on January 31st.
3. How do you do Dryish January?
While the typical goal is to go the entire 31 days without alcohol, some prefer to cut back instead of quitting with a “Dry-ish January” — choose the version that’s right for you!
4. Will I lose weight if I do Dryish January?
It’s very likely! Going for a month without alcohol — or even just cutting back a bit — can lead to noticeable weight gain as your metabolism resets and you skip the extra calories from booze.
5. What is Reframe’s way of doing Dryish January?
You choose your own path — whether your goal is to stop drinking for the entire month or reduce your intake, we’re here to cheer you on and provide science-backed support along the way!
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