Take Control of Your Drinking Habits

At Reframe, we know that habit change can be scary. That's why we've partnered with leading researchers from Harvard and Emory Universities to develop an evidence-based program that matches your steps to your goals. The Reframe app helps you on your journey through courses, toolkits, and a 24/7 private, anonymous community of people working to be their healthiest selves, just like you.

And the best part is: it works. With Reframe, 91% of users report a substantial decrease in alcohol use within 90 days.

How Can I Control My Drinking?

Getting control of your drinking habit will look different for everyone. Some people will succeed by identifying triggers, such as times, places, or situations that can lead to you drinking more than you'd like. Others may prefer finding new ways to fill their lives with activities that can keep them from drinking. Reframe was built with all of these options in mind to help you succeed in controlling your drinking.

An App To Help Control Your Drinking Habits

When you are ready to make a change in your relationship with alcohol, Reframe is ready to help. The Reframe App has customized tracks for people looking to cut back on their alcohol use, whatever that looks like to you. With our customized plans, robust toolkit of activities, and 24/7 private, anonymous community, you will have all the support you need to take back control of your drinking.

Real Results

Reframe provides a simple, structured approach to help you drink mindfully. 91% of Reframe users noted a substantial decrease in their alcohol use.

How It Works

Whether your goal is 30 days without alcohol, or just trying to cut back, Reframe has a customized solution that helps you achieve your personal goals.

Personalized Daily Activities

The easy way to take a step toward mindful drinking every day.

Personalized Drink Tracker

Stay accountable day-by-day and keep track of your progress over time.

24/7 Community

Connect with an active and vibrant community to get to know others on a similar journey.

Self-Guided Toolkit

Use our toolkit to browse guided meditations, quizzes, affirmations and a special mode to help you through cravings.

What Is Reframe?

Reframe was created by leading experts in alcohol reduction, nutrition, fitness and wellness. It is built on our promise that we won’t just help you create healthier drinking habits, we will help you thrive.

We believe there's no one right way to drink less; a person's path to changing their relationship with alcohol is as unique as each of us are. Reframe is the most effective alcohol reduction program available because it matches your goals with the strategies that will get you there.