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Impressed and Grateful

I was very hesitant about this app because after all of the questions it makes you sign up for a subscription. After I declined I went on my olde drunken merry way until about a week later I was looking for a way out again. I would get daily emails from Reframe in which one offered a free 1 month trial... so here we are. After 10 full days sober (a lot of thanks to this app) I will absolutely be subscribing when my trial is done. This app isn't just an app, it's a community where people from ALL over the world are going through EXACTLY what I am. It's nice to check in everyday and read the articles and attend the Zoom calls. Highly recommended this for a life line and a piece of mind if you're looking to cut back or go completely sober. You won't regret it, as long as you are willing to make the change. Peace all

Date of Review:
February 14, 2022
Completely changed my relationship to alcohol

I am thrilled with the results from Reframe but my journey has not been a straight line. I downloaded it in January while hoping to cut back which I did for the month (no drinking during the week but no limits ok weekends). I felt better but stress and other triggers came up in Feb and March and by April I found myself back to old habits. In May I realized I needed to go back and try again and thanks to the forums, I decided to go a set period of time with no alcohol. It was great advice and with the support of the members in the program I found a much better way forward. I have felt so much better the past few months and am drinking about 90% less than I was. All the tools, videos, games to help overcome cravings and the teachings are terrific but the forums are really helpful. You will go through this with a community.

Date of Review:
February 4, 2022
Reframe Reframes my Life

I have spent many years feeling like I should address my drinking. It was never such a bad issue that I felt I had to join AA or really get serious about it, but Reframe helps me to see that this wasn't the way I should see it. Reframe has shown me the incredible impact steady drinking has been having on my daily life and health and now encourages me as I keep it out of my life and enjoy the benefits. It gives me all the reminders, all the support, and a lot of community and helpful tips. It's been a real game changer. The science-based approach is so effective - so much more effective than other approaches. I'm just at the point where I have to decide if I am going to continue with the paid subscription after the complementary month, and I am going to continue because I love the new healthy life I've got, and I know the continued support will be helpful.

Date of Review:
March 22, 2023
This app keeps me going!

It keeps me going! I've downloaded the Reframe app many times in efforts to cut down my drinking and really enjoyed the educational daily tasks. Recently I started my membership again in efforts to quit drinking completely (we take it one day at a time) — I'm a social drinker but even that needed it's limits and Reframe is keeping me on track! From the daily motivation quotes and educational reading to the dashboard that tells you how much money you've saved, this tool is what keeps me going. Learning about the effects of alcohol on so many aspects of our body is really eye opening. I'm 17 days sober and can already feel the difference. I recommend this to anyone that is even thinking of scaling back - the drink tracker let's you set your daily limits. Another part I love is the journal entries - they have prompts in daily tasks and it helps dig a little deeper on your "why." 10/10 recommended!

It keeps me going!
Date of Review:
December 21, 2022
Highly Recommend!!!

Highly Recommend!!! 1y ago Mrs_ajcunningham This app is worth every penny. I would have spent all that money and more on booze anyway, right? Guys, I'm just a 42 year old mom of three, I work full time in a cancer center, I get nothing from leaving this review. If you're ready and you're serious about cutting back or quitting altogether, this app is a game changer. It offers all the education and none of the pressure, none of the religion. It's an incredible space for you to start your recovery journey with a forum full of people just like you that support each other in a nonjudgmental, welcoming way. By definition, my Alcohol Use Disorder (AUD) was solidly in the "severe" category for many years. I came here to cut back but I failed... I have been completely sober for 95 days instead. It's not magic; you have to want it. But if you're ready, you won't regret it. It will be the best gift you can give yourself, and you're worth it.

Date of Review:
April 14, 2022
Can't recommend enough!

I don't ever leave app reviews...ever lol. I'll make an exception for this one though because it has immensely improved my life. What sets this sobriety app apart from the rest are the resources available to you and the ability to add drinks to your diary without resetting your start date. The latter specifically really helped me with the shame of a slip ups and allowed me to move forward without feeling like I was starting from the bottom again. You can tell that the creators of this really know how difficult it is to struggle with addiction by the care they put into this app. The community is great in the forum, you'll have access to online check-ins/workshops, and guided meditations available for you when the cravings hit. The name of the app says it all. Reframe your mind and you'll find peace. Thanks to the creators for this and if you're struggling yourself, this one is 100% worth the purchase.

Date of Review:
April 10, 2022
A Life hack for a better life!!

Reframe is so much more than an app to cut back or go alcohol free! It definitely does that and it does that well. However, it also provides a varied and extensive toolkit for how to create the best version of yourself and to thrive. Yes, it has helped me become alcohol free which was my goal, however, it has also helped me to systematically change my thinking and build healthier habits which in turn has made my a happier, more content person. I wasn't expecting that in an app. When reviewers call it "life changing", it's legit. I've learned there is a cognitive loop whereby our emotions impact our thoughts which impact our actions. Said another way, what we think influences how we feel which influences how we act. Change one item in the loop and it changes the other two. This is just one example of the amazing things you will learn if you use this app. It will transform your life if you use it. Download it today!

Date of Review:
October 5, 2022
Reframe Works

Ok, another app. Another impulse. This app is fantastic because it is neuroscience and not a set of rules that require you to be meek and remorseful, and instantly adhere to a religious dogma you may not agree with from the start. For skeptics like me, I have to get my feet wet before I will go in all the way. Reframe gives you the option of how you want to define your relationship to alcohol use. Are you cutting back or are you quitting? I really like this. No shame. No guilt. By using the tool kit every day, I am going to spend 10 minutes learning about the physical effects of alcohol on the brain. Some chapters are about emotional response, triggers, impulses, and psychology. And there's one on one help or a forum if you need more support. It's been a terrific education, and my health and other habits have even improved. My relationship with alcohol has changed for the better. I am healthier, clearer-minded, and am living my best life. I even got my brother to join and he's doing great. Thank you, Reframe.

Date of Review:
September 3, 2023
It really works.

I was a daily drinker for 20+ years. I have tried to quit before and couldn't do it. The combination of warnings from my doctor and using the Reframe app finally worked. Reframe worked for me because it logically and simply laid out the harm that I was doing to my brain, my heart, my health, my skin, etc. by drinking so much. That, combined with daily check-ins, educational and motivational topics, plus the Reframe Community. I can't say enough about how helpful the Reframe community is. In the beginning, I sought reassurance, but after a month or so, found myself giving reassurance and advice. It was incredibly empowering. I would read and respond to posts for up to an hour each night. I love the anonymity of it! Those still suffering through the early days of not drinking reinforced my decision not to drink. Those who have been sober for a while inspired me. I'm so glad I found this app! I now have more energy and more confidence. I've lost weight, my skin looks better and my blood pressure is down.

Date of Review:
September 3, 2023
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