Vedant Pradeep
Vedant Pradeep is the CEO and co-founder of Reframe. 

His journey in the tech and health industry began when he was a student at Georgia Tech, where he met his co-founder, Ziyi Gao, in a chemical engineering class.
Before venturing into the tech and health field, Vedant dreamed of becoming a genetic engineer as inspired by Marvel movies. In 2018, however, his passion to make a meaningful impact in people’s lives led him to co-found Reframe, an app designed to help individuals change their relationship with alcohol.

Vedant’s efforts propelled Reframe to recognition as #2 in the Wellness category on
Fast Company's list of the World's Most Innovative Companies of 2023. Vedant's individual achievements have also been acknowledged, notably by Forbes, which featured him in its "30 Under 30" list for North America in the Education category. His impact has been further acknowledged by Fortune, which listed him as one of the “13 innovators shaping the future of health.” Vedant's work and contributions have been highlighted by such highly regarded platforms as TED, TechCrunch, USA Today, YCombinator, ABC News, Yahoo! News, The Washington Post, Bloomberg, and more. 
#1 Neuroscience-Based Alcohol Reduction App
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