When we first change our relationship with alcohol, it can feel like a big shift in our lifestyle habits. Perhaps we’re used to going out to the bars or parties a lot with friends or taking clients out to fancy dinners and drinks for work. It can seem like our life is alcohol centric in a lot of different ways and if we’re being honest it probably is because that’s how our society is.

This leaves us feeling a bit isolated and maybe even overwhelmed— we ask ourselves “now what?” How do we socialize, participate in our normal activities or handle situations where avoiding alcohol may not be an option? Well this is where it’s important for us to have an open mind and shift perspectives to having a growth mindset. It’s absolutely possible to enjoy life without alcohol, better yet many non-drinkers have expressed how much better their lives are now that they don’t drink! But where do we start?

Well the amazing team here at Reframe has come up with some fun, AF friendly ideas for you to consider while exploring a sober curious or low alcohol lifestyle:

Get out into nature

  1. Go camping.
  2. Go stargazing at an observatory.
  3. Find a beautiful spot to sit and watch the sunset (or the sunrise).
  4. Check out a night tour at your local zoo or aquarium.
  5. Go for a walk on a night trail.
  6. Watch a meteor shower.

Party at home

  1. Host a themed movie night.
  2. Organize a scavenger hunt.
  3. Have a video game party.
  4. Have a pet party – get all your best friends’ furry friends together and let them play.
  5. Attempt a crazy cooking challenge. Try that insanely complicated dessert or pasta you’ve been meaning to make.
  6. Invite friends over and swap your stuff. You can exchange books like quitlit, textbooks, music, movies, clothes – whatever you like.

Expand your horizons

  1. Take a night class. Think cooking, night photography, painting, pottery.
  2. Volunteer. Help out at a community event or food kitchen.
  3. Ask friends to create your own bucket list of things/places you want to try but haven’t gotten the chance to. You’re bound to wind up with a highly original itinerary!