10 Fun Things You Can Do in Each Season When Cutting Back on Alcohol
10 Fun Things You Can Do in Each Season When Cutting Back on Alcohol

10 Fun Things You Can Do in Each Season When Cutting Back on Alcohol


February 15, 2023

Drinking Less
10 Fun Things You Can Do in Each Season When Cutting Back on Alcohol
Reframe Content Team
Drinking Less
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Reframe Content Team
February 15, 2023
7 min read

Summer and winter, spring and fall - no matter the season, there are healthy and fun activities to keep you busy, healthy and still feeling a part of the party while cutting back on drinking. Healthy poolside mocktail recipes during the summer months and bonfires with family and friends in the wintertime are delightful opportunities to enjoy life without heavily relying on alcohol. Other entertaining activities that make for a great substitute for partying too hard include cooking healthy dishes for friends over dinner parties in the autumn or going to the farmer’s market in the springtime. With a little planning and creativity, you don’t have to feel left out when it comes time for social events.


As an adult, it can be hard to find healthy ways to entertain yourself without drinking alcohol. Exercise is one such healthy alternative that can provide you with both relaxation and healthy entertainment while still cutting back on your alcohol intake. Not only will exercise help you to feel healthy and strong, but it can also provide a much-needed mental health boost.

Exercising is a great way to have fun by taking healthy classes like yoga or kickboxing or hiking with friends.


It's well known drinking can have a negative impact on our bodies and minds, but cutting alcohol out doesn't mean being cooped up inside with nothing to do. Arts and crafts projects can be great alternatives for healthy relaxation when making the decision to reduce drinking.

From painting and drawing to building model cars or ships, arts and crafts activities offer an enjoyable way to keep entertained without needing pricey materials or bottle sof alcohol. By spending time getting creative while also reducing alcohol intake, benefits like improved mental clarity and increased energy levels will be quickly experienced!


Although it is beneficial to cutback on one’s drinking, not filling the void of your newfound alcohol-free living with healthy activities can lead to feelings of restlessness. Volunteering is an excellent way to stay engaged. Not only can volunteering keep you healthy in terms of what you put into your body, but it also provides a sense of purpose that can fill the time no longer dedicated to drinking. As citizens of the world, we can each do our part to be kind.

You can volunteer with animalsor kids. There is always a cleanup somewhere near you to clean up the environment.


  1. Go for a hike or nature walk and enjoy the changing leaves.
  2. Attend a fall festival or fair for the food, music, and activities.
  3. Have a picnic in a park or on a trail and enjoy the cool fall weather.
  4. Visit a pumpkin patch or apple orchard.
  5. Host a bonfire with friends and family to make s'mores.
  6. Try rock climbing or kayaking.
  7. Cheer at a football game and tailgate.
  8. Enjoy a camping trip and enjoy the crisp fall air.
  9. Make a wreath from freshly fallen leaves.
  10. Volunteer to take shelter dogs for walks.


  1. Discover ice skating or ice fishing.
  2. Go snowshoeing.
  3. Attend a winter festival or fair for the best hot chocolate.
  4. Throw a few snowballs or make a snowman.
  5. Go on a ski or snowboarding trip.
  6. Make a hot chocolate bar and invite friends over.
  7. Attend a concert that will play all your holiday favorites.
  8. Explore cross-country skiing or snowmobiling.
  9. Host a movie marathon of all the holiday classics.
  10. Volunteer at a local soup kitchen.


  1. Take a hike or bike ride and enjoy the spring blooms.
  2. Plant a garden or visit a botanical garden.
  3. Attend a spring festival or fair.
  4. Throw barbecue for friends and family.
  5. Participate in a charity race 5k.
  6. Take a day trip to see a nearby waterfall or lake.
  7. Attend a concert or theater show.
  8. Try a new outdoor activity like kayaking or rock climbing.
  9. Host a brunch or dinner party and try new recipes.
  10. Volunteer at a local charity or organization in need of extra help during the spring season.


  1. Go swimming or take a trip to the beach.
  2. Attend a summer festival or concert featuring your favorite band.
  3. Have a picnic or barbecue with friends and family and bust out the kiddie pool for all ages.
  4. Plan a camping or road trip.
  5. Take a hike or bike ride to enjoy the longer days.
  6. Try a new water sport like stand-up paddleboarding or wakeboarding.
  7. Attend a baseball game or other outdoor sports event.
  8. Volunteer for a community service project or charity event.
  9. Host a backyard games night or potluck dinner with friends and family.
  10. Try a new summer hobby like photography or painting.

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