Now more than ever, the world is seeing more and more celebrities and influencers speak out about their decision to cut back or eliminate alcohol from their lifestyle. What was once thought of as a "trend" has become a permanent change for many.

As a society, we are becoming more aware of what our lives could be like, in the absence of alcohol, and many of us are ready to take the plunge! However, changing your relationship with alcohol can be DAUNTING, and not everyone is ready to dive in head first, especially if this is the first time you’ve ever thought about breaking up with booze.

Find comfort in knowing that you don’t necessarily have to quit drinking cold turkey right away, or even for good. This is a process that will take practice and a bit of getting used to. If you feel totally lost, and don’t know where to start, here are 5 simple ways you can start to change your drinking habits.

1. Stock up NA (non-alcoholic) options.

It’s easy to fall into the habit of picking up a bottle of wine while at the grocery store “just because”. Instead of buying more booze this weekend, try stocking up on some non-alcoholic options instead. Kombucha, sparkling water, and even 0.0% APV Beer can help quench your thirst and satisfy those cravings. It’s much easier to avoid the temptation of drinking when you limit the amount of alcohol you have in the house and keep alternative beverages on hand instead.

2. Try a dry challenge.

Many people drink because it’s a habit and because they’ve never had a reason not to drink. Challenges like #1000hoursdry or #SoberSeptember are a great way to break out of this habit and begin re-evaluating your relationship with alcohol. In fact, 82% of people who did a boozeless challenge say they drank less amounts of alcohol for up to a year after the challenge. Plus, telling people you are participating in a challenge is a great way to get them off your back when you tell them you aren’t drinking.

And it doesn’t have to just be in January or September. Here’s a list of challenges you can use for every month of the year!












3. Plan boozeless activities.

Weekends can be a big trigger, so planning ahead and having things to do can really help change your drinking habits. Plus, going alcohol-free is the perfect time to try activities that you’ve always wanted to, but never had the time for because you spent your weekends drinking. Whether that’s taking a hike, doing some self-care, or staying in for a movie night, taking alcohol out of the picture allows you to be present and enjoy where you are.

4. Hang out with other non-drinkers

If you’re trying to cut back on your drinking, being around others who are drinking can make the process even more difficult. Instead, try to surround yourself with other people who find joy in doing things that don’t involve alcohol. You may even find that their habits and attitude will rub off on you!

5. Find new coping skills.

Besides social drinking, some of us may have other reasons we drink, like dealing with stress or negative emotions. Coming up with a solid list of healthy coping mechanisms can help when you’re feeling like you want to reach for the bottle. Meditation, movement, art, or journaling are all amazing places to start.

Now that you have some simple tools under your belt, take the next step and download Reframe to help you remain motivated, supported, and accountable.