Maybe you're already on the path to quitting or cutting down on alcohol use, or maybe you're still considering it. Either way, it's important to know some ways that you can stay on the path once you're on it.

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  • Build and maintain a healthy support system. When we're working toward changing our relationship with alcohol, having a support network or community is crucial. These are people that we can lean on when we need them. You can build this up with people you already know or find new communities that may be on a similar journey to you.
  • Know (and learn to avoid) your triggers. Triggers can be places, people, emotions, or anything that may tempt you to drink. An example of a trigger could be a bar you used to frequent or a certain life stressor. When you can identify your personal triggers, you can learn how to stay away from them.
  • Keep your "why" at the forefront of your mind. Your "why" is made up of the reasons that you decided to cut back or quit drinking. When you need to center yourself or remind yourself of why you made this decision, focus back on these reasons.
  • Regularly use self-care and coping mechanisms. Find some new coping mechanisms to replace alcohol and regularly use them. These could be exercise, journaling, a new hobby, anything that brings you some comfort and happiness.
  • Have persistence through setbacks. On this journey, it's common and normal to have bumps in the road. When you experience a setback, reach out to your support system for some guidance and comfort. Remind yourself that you can do this, and you can keep going.
  • Celebrate milestones. Acknowledge the hard work you're putting in and the progress you've made. Reward yourself with something that doesn't involve alcohol. Remember, it's a huge deal that you've taken these steps. You're doing great, and you should absolutely celebrate!

No matter where you're at on your journey today, these tips can help you stay solid on your path when you change your relationship with alcohol. You've got this!

We at Reframe have your back and are committed to being there for you every step of the way. Download the app today, and begin working toward a more fulfilling life.