When considering cutting down or quitting drinking completely, it's normal to wonder what happens next. Though the specifics vary from person to person, we can talk about some recognized trends so that you know what to expect.

  • Withdrawal Symptoms:
  • Let's talk about one of the main fears of cutting down or quitting drinking, withdrawal. Regular drinking causes the body and brain to become dependent on alcohol over time. When the body no longer has alcohol, it reacts physically. This is normal! Some of the common symptoms include sweating, restlessness, cravings, and tremors. Don't fear, though - these symptoms will end after only 3-7 days, and then you'll experience only benefits from there on.
  • Physical Changes
  • Appearance: After ****a couple weeks to a month, you may begin to notice healthy weight loss and improvements in your skin and hair.
  • Sleep and Energy: You'll experience improvements in sleep, finding yourself able to sleep longer and deeper. During the day, you'll experience greater energy.
  • Health: Your physical health will also improve when you quit or cut back on drinking. Between liver relief, decreased risk of cardiovascular disease, reduced risk of cancer, and more, there are huge long-term health benefits.
  • Mental & Emotional Changes
  • Cognitive Function: Your brain will be functioning at a higher level than you may have experienced in a long time. Prepare for improve memory and concentration, among other cognitive benefits.
  • Improved Mental Health: Many who cut back on or quit drinking notice lowered and less frequent feelings of anxiety and depression.

When you cut back on or quit drinking, there's a lot that happens. We hope that this article helps prepare you for what's to come.

Here at Reframe, we want to be a support system for you, to help you through the difficult times and remind you of everything you're gaining. Join us today, and begin working toward a more fulfilling life.